Thanks, Everyone

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Thanks to all of you who posted comments in response to my resignation. I had given it careful thought, and had decided that it was the best thing alll round, but your responses (especially yours, Bulldyke), convinced me that I AM doing worthwhile work here. So after I take a couple of days to rest and recouperate (it's been a pretty emotional time for me...just ask Jon), I will be back again.

I love all of you, and I now realize that, although you can't hope to help every single person that comes through here, each of us is capable of doing a great deal of good just by sharing our own experience and support.

See you again in a few days.



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:) you have just made my


you have just made my day.

and today was pretty shitty.

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Pat I just read your

Pat I just read your previous post, I must have missed it the other day. I'm glad you have decided to stay around.

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for what it's worth, pat,

for what it's worth, pat, I'm taking a few days off, too. so you're not alone in needing a break from all these wonderful people.

*hugs* now i feel all warm and fuzzy, lol.

love ya, pat! see ya in a few days. :)

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Say whaaaaaaat? I obviously don't spend enough time here, being I missed your original post; but sheesh! I'm glad you're staying. This place without you is like a nose without a septum. AND I FOUND YOU HERE! I WOULDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE FIRMA CHRONICLES IF YOU HADN'T BEEN HERE!!!!!

A million nose-pets to ya.


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UPDATE: I need to thank my

UPDATE: I need to thank my honey for being such a sweet and wonderful boyfriend. Dealing with me these past couple of days has been a bit like trying to pick warm jello up off the floor with your fingers. Love you, baby!


- Pat Nelson Childs
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ewwwww...... the warm jello


the warm jello part i mean.

"She's Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with P, that stands for Pussy."

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I doubt it was the first or last time he'll have to do that. :-)

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can't wait til you get back,

can't wait til you get back, Pat, you're awesomely helpful.
i find oasis addicting, too.

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yay! your not leaving! your

yay! your not leaving! your an awesome guy. don't EVER think anything like the last post again. You are nothing but nice and helpful. Heck i don't even know you and i know that!

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Pat's not leaving!

...that's all. :-)

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