The Beginning of a Dream

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20 minutes will determine the rest of my life.

Next Friday I will be in LA, interviewing at USC for a full-tuition scholarship. This is what I've always dreamed of - here's my chance to study screenwriting at USC, the best film school in the world, and fulfill my dream of becoming a great screenwriter.

If I don't get this scholarship, it's really doubtful that I'll be able to attend USC. My parents already don't want me to go. They're not thrilled about me living in a big and scary city 1500 miles away, so they're probably not going to dish out a ton of money for me to go there when they could send me to a cheaper and "safer" school in Illinois. That's what they've told me, at least. It'd break my heart if that happened; it really would.

So I'm standing on a precipice here - it's a 20 minute fall. Will I crash or will I soar? I just don't know, and it's killing me. I guess all I can do is be myself and hope that's good enough.


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Break a leg. " . . . The

Break a leg.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Being yourself is all you really have in life. Don't sweat it. There's nothing you can really do to affect the outcome. You already got them interested enough to want to see you in person.

I don't think they determine your life, though. People who didn't attend film school win Oscars, and some USC graduates are writing "That's So Raven" episodes. Ultimately, you just have to persevere no matter what.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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good luck!

good luck!