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VA gi NA!
i'm reading pat's fucking book....i think it'll make the little prick happy when he comes back...but wanted to ask a question about it:
many of you have read his books i'm guessing? anyways you know that elf character...flaskamper or whatever....well....pat reackones i'm a lot like him...and upon being introduced to this character who's obviously something that came directly out of pat's wet dreams....i can safely say that....i think...i'm about as far away from that sexy little elf as it could possibly get.....any thoughts?

*cricket noises*



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Maybe his character changes and you have to read all three books to understand? Or maybe Pat knows you better than you know yourself? Or it's a marketing angle he uses, "You remind me a lot of a character in my book..."

No clue, though. I have an aversion to fantasy that prevents me from reading it, which I'm sure annoys Pat to no end. As soon as I hear "It's about an elf who..." I'm already tuned out. I've had many exasperated chats with him saying I'm not allowed to judge all fantasy books as one thing. Except of course, I am allowed, and I do. :-)

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shhh....don't tell anybody, but i'm much the same....which is why me doing this is meaningful...heh