This and that and yada yada yiddish

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First chemistry scholarship tutorial yesterday... wasn't that hard! Then physics scholarship this afternoon - a lot harder... have a headache? All sleepy. Biology scholarship tomorrow... I think. Brain bee kids I'm training at school aren't that brainy... I'm off to bed, have choir training in the morning. Got to wake up at six. Think J's mad at me for some reason. Have a new crush at school, name is Luke. I saw him in my study class and talked to him for the first time - I played dumb asking stupid physics questions (which I can do of course, I DO FRICKIN SCHOLARSHIP). Anyways, he's real cute, but he's a jock - I don't know what that's supposed to mean for me. Debating starts next week... hate my team, got some obnoxious self-righteous people from the year below. Still reading that book on incest... still really busy... still wanting to dig myself a hole... and still in love with the boy from Dunedin and infatuated over the physics boy.

What a mouthful... I'm off. Laters


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why must you crush on straight jock boys? if you like the jock type there's no shortage of them in the gay not at all....and many of them like you smart boys, you might just end up finding what u'r looking for! only gay!
gay boys fuck better too.
and do you speak yiddish?

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Is there a special place

Is there a special place where they all congregate and hide?
Not old enough for gay clubs yet!

I wonder why they like smart boys. I hope that won't be the only thing they see in me though (if they do think I'm smart).