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do you get the sense that i'm tired? and it's odd...cause my brain is tired, but my body's totally ready for another round. or...something like that. as you can see, i'm utterly brain dead, and am now making wrestling metaphors. please, dear god, shoot me now.

and speaking of shooting...it appears that i'm not being paid legally, that it might not even be legal for my boss to have 'hired' me in the first place (mind you, the 'hiring' was in word only...i've yet to sign any kind of contract). oh, and did i mention that he's a prick? a smiling, charming, prick. i feel slimy every time i'm in the room with him.

EVERYTHING is someone else's fault. he blames most of it on his former assistant (the one before me), and the rest on the government. he's a bona fide redneck conspiracy theorist. apparently, N. korea is poised to attack the US with nukes...and how does he know this? because, as he tells me in a completely seriouse voice, the american media lies to the people all the time, so he makes sure to check 'other' news sources (as yet unnamed), to get the 'real' news.

oh, but micheal savage is fine to listen to, cause of course he NEVER lies to us, nor does he EVER omit ANYTHING.

i have knots in my back from being so tense this afternoon. i listened to three and a half FUCKING HOURS of the savage nation. (if you don't know who i'm talking about... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Savage_(commentator) )

he's RABID. totally freaking off his rocker...APPARENTLY, obama isn't an actual US citizen...and he might even be an *gasp* ILLEGAL ALIEN!!! cause, OMG, NO ONE'S ever seen is birth cirtificate.

like, did it not once occur to you that maybe, just MAYBE people might've checked on that when he was vetted? but, oh no, it's all a conspiracy to blackmail...someone?

oh, and any/everyone who voted for obama is on drugs. which, as my dad put it when i told him about it, is the best reason for taking drugs i've ever heard of!

in other news...R and i had the beginning of a really good conversation...at 0330!!! lol :P i take what i can get.

but i realised last night that i don't know how to NOT be in love with her. does that make any sense? i've clung to it for so long...and now i don't know how to not be.

it's so confusing. i'm going to confront her about oasis...so if it IS her, and if she's reading this, then fair warning.

i can forgive her for being on here, and for what she wrote...but i can't if she lies about it.

but i'm so glad we're trying to figure things out again. i was so afraid that i'd lost her...it made me sick to think about the rift i'd caused between us.

it still does, to some degree, but i'm more focused on healing now, rather than on the past. i mean, i think we still need to talk about what happened, and i certainly need to figure out what i feel (instead of just ignoring it, and her), but only so that we can figure out how to go forward...

i was so afraid i'd lost her...

and, amazingly, i'm STILL tired! lol but energetic, too...weird. i think i'm to go see...YES!!! rachel maddow is back!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! lol she had the flu last night...i didn't get my daily dose of hot/cute intelligence! *pouts*

lolz mmk, i'm gonna go watch her, then probably cry into my book for a while. i LOVE radclyffe...any book that makes me cry at least once a chapter is good. sometimes, TOO good, so i have to take it slow.

ta for now!



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*aims tranqulizer rifle* now now sweetie....ill solve all u'r problems...just hold still for juuustt a moment now my darling, it'll all be over soon.

energetic body but tiered mind - psychologically drained...not a shock considering all the counseling you do here...what? did you think it would come at no cost?

love interest - you talk about her in riddles, seems to be quite clear, you love her, does she know that? if you love someone let them know, no more of these silly little games girls play, when it's love it's worth it to put u'rself out there, risk everything. if the door gets slammed in u'r face, if you lose her, which you are so afraid of, you'll still live, you're so strong...why woudln't you? as for not knowing how to not love her...you'll learn, new begginings my dear, new begginings, a wonderful, beautiful thing. my money, however, is on you and her succeeding and then promply moving to act out some of u'r home made porn, about which i want to know very little to nothing, just give me a number between zero and ten, zero being you'd rather she'd just die coz she'll be a better sex partner that way and ten being you came so good your foot exploded, detached, flew a few times around the room, kicked you in the head and reattached itself.

boss/work....dunno what to tell you, he sounds like a prick and there's something distincly dodgey about the way he's hiring you, time to weigh up the pro's and con's and decide if u'r gonna stay there or look for something...at least...legal.

conspiracy theories: are funny as all shit and you should take it as constant entertainment...though it wouldn't shock me if some of it is true (i said SOME),

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she and i won't work, for a

she and i won't work, for a lot of reasons. i know...cause we tried. and i DO love her, but i'm not sure if i'm IN love with her...and i don't want to be, if i am. and i talk in riddles cause that's how i'm thinking, most of the time. lol

thank you for the advice on that (and i can't wait til i can tell you that i've had a 10, lol, cause that just sounds like fun!), there's just a whole lot more going on that i wrote about. *hug* :D

about my boss...i think i'm gonna quit, and soon. read my next journal, and you'll see why.

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."