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yay!!! so, thursday, i'm going to my very first horse show!!! i'm soooo freakin excited. it's gonna be AMAZING. i'll help out as a groom, but i'm pretty sure that most of the time, i'll just be able to wander around...and if not, whatever, right? just BEING there! lol

and then, oh joy, FRIDAY. blech. my aunt Je (other aunt is Ju), and my mom's mom are coming...scary!!! Je is one of the most single-mindedly cluess to the point of being mean people i know. she's a keniving bitch. i can't even describe it...she's just horrible. so yeah, that'll be fun! not.

and THEN, next monday, i'm going to see the eye doctor, and hopefully i'll be able to get new sunglasses (i wear glasses, so, to drive, i need perscription sunglasses). i kinda want to get aviaters...any thoughts? dad wants to play cards, and i want to eat something. :P


more later, when i have something meaningful to talk about. :D



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I've never been a fan of donkey shows. I mean the donkey didn't seem to mind, but it still seemed wrong.

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CHEEEEEEZ-ITS!! yummy thumbs


thumbs up on the aviator idea ;)

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I also wanna get Aviators!

I also wanna get Aviators! (and I also need a prescription!) hahahahaha. What colour do you want for your lens?

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