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ive never believed in Looking for love to find it.
but ive also realised when the only 2 non-straight ppl in my school are my my exgirlfriend and non-friend .. and they'r dating eachother.. its hard to just Wait for someone special to come along.
Especially being in and out the closet at the same time.. in at home and out well otherwise but being only 14 even being half out makes itharder getting around meeting people or even making friends i have things in common with.

Often he word bisexual is misinterpretted. all the straight guys are expecting some overly horny 3 sum and all the straight gurls expect a whore that'll try to get with them.. well thats how the people i know do..

for somereason my writing skills have disappeared but watever i guess im tierd .. ive made so many points (kinda) but my mayn point was.. i guess.. im Lonely?