Weirdest. Person. Ever.

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Why can't life be as good as your dreams you have at night? WHY? These dreams can be SO amazing and make you feel so good. Plus I feel like I can do anything and I do. I talk to random girls and I'm not afraid of rejection. Plus almost every girl that I like is gay! In my dreams that is. Then again most of my dreams turn out to have a scary twist and needless to say they are SCARY! Like last night I ended up being in a bathroom with some scary wannabe Joker from The Dark Knight. I have NO clue where these dreams come from, but they are hella weird :P Before that I was watching Spashley videos on the internet. Huh...I wonder where that came from? Ha ha. Then I was fighting with my dad over whatever! Then the other night (in my dreams) I met a girl and we were in a car with friends and we were having fun in the back seat and we were sorta cuddling and being flirtatious but then I noticed her nails and she had a french manicure! AND God how I loathe those nails. I don't know why and I can't really explain it but I've always HATED those kind of nails/manicures. They bug me even disgust me sometimes. It's weird I know. I've just got this weird phobia about french manicures.

I still liked the girl and we still we giggly and that. Oddly enough the nails didn't bug me half as much in the dream as they do in real life. And if you have NO clue what I'm talking about here's a picture of a french manicure:

short french manicure Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm now thinking that I am the Weirdest. Person. Ever. :P


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I dunno about that...

I'm willing to bet that my dreams are weirder than yours.

As far as weird things that bother me go, I can't think of it right now, but I know there's something.

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That definitely wasn't my

That definitely wasn't my weirdest dream. I've had some really odd/weird/crazy/unexplainable dreams. That one was actually kind of normal but it bounced around a lot.

Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, some punished. Never was a story of more regret than this of Juliet and her fair Juliet.

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ok, topper?

i dreamed that i was Dr. Hannibal Lector, but with a twist, instead of torturing my victams, i did a sort-of-brainwash-y thing to make them think as though they will love me and only me, for ever!!!! and then i turned into dracula, and tyed my ex-bf to a table that tilted to make him go head-over-teakettle, and then i sucked his blood, not from the neck, but somewhere else.(he is doing a headstand wile tyed to a table, use thy brain as to where!!)

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lol. you're not the weirdest

lol. you're not the weirdest person. EVER..just ...right now :P
just kiddddinnnnggg. weird dreams are fun. and fun to talk about. French manicures bug me to!! fake nails bug me even more, they're so dumb!

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I understand the phobia completely

k so as a chair user I basically touch the floor in directly daily Touch wheel wheel makes contact with floor you get the picture) and the idea of french manicure GROSSES ME OUT COMPLETELY
with a french manicure i would still be washing my hands 18 billion times a day but cant feel like i am getting clean because there are plastic things covering my finger nails
and noooooo i am not a germaphobe just think about HOW gross that is....