well this is a kick in the teeth.

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i lost the case.
he is going to the funeral.
i can still go but i dont know if i can bring myself to being in the same room as him again.
i miss my grandpa.
he would tell me to smile caz if i kept my lip out pouting a bird would come around and shit on it.
then i would laugh a lil and give him a hug.
my life is sucking right now.

but there is one thing that made me really happy.
my girlfriend has had this stuffed animal bunny sence she was like a toddler. his name is jussi ( j is said like y). he is like the most important thing to her ever. she sleeps with him every night and tucks him in every morning and the other day she spent the night at my house and brought him and said that he was going to stay with me for a while.
it ment alot to me. like more then i could ever say.
im so glad i have her in my life. im sure i would have fallen apart by now if i did not have her.


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aww, that's so sweet of her.

aww, that's so sweet of her. She sounds special to you, and I'm glad she made you happy.
It's going to be hard seeing him, I know, but don't let that dumby ruin saying goodbye to your grandpa.

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pointless and trite though

pointless and trite though it may read, *hug*

if you can't bring yourself to go to the funeral, then hold your own ceremony later. light a candle, say a prayer, write a poem, take a walk. whatever you think will most honor the person you're mourning.

your gf sounds amazing.

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