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Hey guys, sorry no updates on the cute christian boy today. We had athletics today and I didn't get to see him... although tomorrow I'm thinking of asking him to come with my friends to "Starlight Symphony in the Park". What a family-friendly name for the biggest gathering of drunk teenagers.

ANYWAYS, today was so tiring organising everything and rallying the house for athletics. But our house won again! (YEAH, we won swimming sports too). GO TEAM!

And instead of actually doing something about being busy, now I will rant about being busy which actually feels infinitely better.

So why am I so ridiculously busy? I will list the things I do for school:
- Prefect duties (Leading house competitions, duties, and coordinating school events)
- Senior advanced debating team
- Model United Nations Assembly (Like debating and acting...)
- Model Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (Yes, more debating...)
- Premiere school choir
- Musical Production (Beauty and the Beast)
- Theatre Sports (YES, impromptu acting is an extreme sport!)
- Badminton (Well there you go, a real sport)
- Volleyball (Maybe not, I quit!)
- Training Brain Bee Teams
- Training Mathex Teams
- Five scholarship courses (English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Statistics - but really you would've thought I was a drama and musical freak... which I am lol)
- International Youth Physics Tournament (not qualified yet?!)

Boy does it feel good when I look at that list. All very rewarding things I'm passionate about. But what am I going to do with my life... after I leave school?


P.S. SO going to have a Harry Potter theme for the school ball... or maybe Pokemon?! Still a bit torn between the two...


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sounds like your doing alot

sounds like your doing alot more with your life than i am.

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i'm tired just reading that

i'm tired just reading that list!!! where the hell do you find the time/energy??? how much coffee do you drink? lol

seriously though, that's really, really cool. you're like my role model for 'being togetherness'. as in, for just right now, you REALLY have it together. later? who knows.

anyway...have fun with your cute *straight* crush! :P

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i would fall apart if i had that much to do.falme throwers burn kiwi, hahahahahaha, burn kiwi burn!


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No, really. Thats a

No, really. Thats a rediculously large amount of things you have to do. Do you sleep? Like at all? Ever?

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!!!!! you must be crazy (or

!!!!! you must be crazy (or some supernatural being)! well if you can figure out how to juggle all of that I'm pretty sure you'll have no problem finding something amazing to do after you graduate.
...oh and for sure do harry potter

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Quite often it is a

Quite often it is a combination of blood, sweat, tears and caffeine...

Although mind you, not all of those things are on at once. I tend to have it easier this semester, and it all goes hectic in about July when scholarships and exams and musical productions really start kicking it...

AND, juggle all that commitment with socialising... I am quite the juggler.

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Phhhh, just do what I did

Phhhh, just do what I did when I was a school leader - nothing. All I'd do is sit in meetings and scowl at everyone....plus smoke with my drama teacher behind the uniform shop. It's much easier than doing your duties.

Maybe that's not such good advice.

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So very rebellious! I will

So very rebellious!

I will heed such great advice. That's another step up from having vodka in a water bottle on athletics day then have small kids ask why you smell bad.

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i entirely forgot what is being talked about here

no really im confused

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you should do a harry potter theme!

i seriously thought you were one of the weaslys after reading that list!!!!
god how do you do it all? i can barely get around my scocializing, let alone do all that plus. . . i need a boyfriend or some wine right now, . . .

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