What does this flag mean?

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Because it's been bothering the hell out of me since I first saw the flag a few years ago, and because someone surely told me and I forgot since then...
can someone enlighten me on who this flag represents?


it's an adorable flag but what the heck does it mean?


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hmmm ive never seen that, i

hmmm ive never seen that,
i like it tho...i think ima search it.
i will get back to you on that =]

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ok so i looked it up and its

ok so i looked it up and its the leather pride flag.
it says it is the symbol of gay and lesbian pride.
i cant believe ive never seen it before tho. =/
i hope this helps you.

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The leather community's flag. They're all over downtown SF for the big leather festival in September.

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that's awesome. the flag,

that's awesome. the flag, and what it means. :D

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alright, cool. thanks :) now

alright, cool. thanks :) now when I got to Pridefest (or wherever else) I won't be all, "duhhh wutz dat??"