Wow I haven't been here in a long time

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Hmm.. what to talk about? I don't know, I guess I'll just write something about a girl I'm in love with. I might as well..
I have thought of nothing but her today. Some thoughts were wordy and fleeting, others were like photographs, some were moving pictures. She smells like vanilla and cherries--- a smell that pleases my senses in the most painful ways. Her hair is nothing short of the finest, silkiest feeling one can touch. And the actual muscle underneath my left breast is quickened when I perceive her. My mind becomes stagnant and my fluttering eyes are the product of this phenomenon. When I fall into blackness and the void destroys any possibility of landing, her laugh breaks my fall.
I would love to kiss parts of her body as though I were tasting candy. I am certain her skin would replicate this taste. Her tongue would be warm and her saliva would be a delicious sweetness. I would kiss her lips gently, supposing her lips would disintegrate if I kissed them too roughly. My tongue would delve into the wetness of her mouth and become her possession. And as I subconsciously swallowed pieces of her, she would stay with me. My light kisses would become a passion-driven need, burning me in unreachable places.
... I don't know what else to say lol. I guess I'll just end it here.


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Lots of speculation in here, no?

Does she know you're in love? Cuz, well, if she's also in love with you, you can just do all those things... no guesswork involved.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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oh wow. that sounds very

oh wow. that sounds very very nice. does she know you're in love with her?