Always Be- - - A poem by me! plz comment!

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I feel like this could be a day like any other, on of us has to move but we wait for the other to move first. I’ll force a laugh to break our stillness, your silence concerns me. This is only going to get harder, before it turns easy. We can’t keep safe, if we need to take a break.
I am alone in this now, I am as I’ve always been. You seem so lost in her, so lost to me. You look like you always will be, just beyond my reach. But I will keep trying.
I am just a boy like any other, looking for love in someone. I thought love would be something I just know, I felt like you knew it too. I never thought I would be the only one to feel it, but maybe this is my insecurity talking. How are you going to know the feeling, unless you have lost it? You know I have been losing plenty since you have been gone, I am all alone in this!
Maybe something else I have been missing? Something good has happened and you are the reason. I just hope you can see this.
I might be alone in this, but that is my feeling. You look lost about this, but you are as you have always been. Just a little beyond my reach, but I hope you will have me back.

i wrote this last night, i was feeling kinda lonely.


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HEY GUYS(and girls) PLEASE

HEY GUYS(and girls) PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Necromancy---- This is NOT what your mother meant when she told you to go out and "make some friends!"