Am I too timid?

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I chickened out. I told my therapist everything. But decided to not go to the hospital. I promise I will tomorrow. Inpatient.

please, write with ideas on how i can say it to her or someone at school.... (is it bad to say at school)?


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is what bad to say? "One joy

is what bad to say?

"One joy shatters a thousand greifs" - - - Chineese Proverb

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I'm getting the idea that ur

I'm getting the idea that ur cutting or u r suicidal. If so get professional help but don't go telling everyone in school. Believe me you'll need the help, I've been there (hospitalized twice, better now). Don't wait for something to change.

"Welcome to my world, where everyone I've ever known always ends up leaving me alone. Another lesson burned, as I'm drowning in the ashes. Kicking. Screaming. So welcome to my world." -Sick Puppies

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biohazard..... what's it

biohazard..... what's it like being hospitalized, if you dont mind my asking/