Another Gay Sequel: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

I already reviewed this movie when it first premiered in San Francisco, and reading it again months later, it still sums up my thoughts on this movie. I wanted to like it as much as the first, but it just didn't happen.

My only addendum is that a gay movie that lampooned other gay movies, as the original did, seemed to give it more resonance than one with references to The Brady Bunch, beach movies, and other more traditional fare.

When I saw it, it didn't even have end credits, but now sports a Perez Hilton song and video called "The Clap." I also think there was a visual effect added whenever Jasper zapped the other Jasper's balls, but otherwise, it's the same movie I saw, so just read the original review for movie information. My review is of the uncut theatrical edition, but I can't imagine anyone would buy another else anyway.

As for the DVD treatment, there are a lot of fun extras. There is an interesting crew commentary, and it is amazing how great these movies look when you know how fast and cheap they make them. There are also additional features about shooting the "Golden Showers" musical number, and how porn star Brent Corrigan was transformed into a mermaid, which seems to have more incidental nudity than your traditional DVD extras.

If you want gay gross-out gags, humor, nudity, and a fun, lighthearted story about who can sleep with the most people over spring break (and, yes, in an afterschool special way, determine what intimacy and such means to them), give it a chance. Although I'd rent moreso than buy.


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I hated it.

I loved the first one, which while silly was still funny.

This was just fscking terrible.
Adrian - If i blow your mind, would you promise not to think in my mouth?

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I agree. There was potential

I agree.

There was potential for this movie but they ruined it.

I get parody, I really do but this was just over the top.

Without the original actors they probably shouldn't have done this movie anyway.

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" Not a day goes by without

" Not a day goes by without thinking of you"
Loved this movie.....golden showers was confusing but.......lets not go there lol