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That episode of Skins was freakin awesome. And cute. And nice. And happy. And holly bejezess the teen lesbian couple got back together and the world didn't end!!! LOL. This show is SO awesome. Is anyone else watching this new season?

It's just nice to see a lesbian couple on a teen show. Especially since the two are seemingly normal-but-flawed-pretty-realistic-teens I think. Both dealing with their own problems at home and everything. And I like the way the show focuses on one character per episode so that you really get a sense for the character and you see more in depth with their problems and what's really going on in their life. It's nice. I've started to like a lot of the characters that I didn't think I'd really like at all because of the fact that you get to see what makes them the way they are.

In particular JJ's episode made me actually like him and see him in a different light. It made him a fuller character. The same thing with Naomi who I wanted to like from the beginning but I wasn't sure of. Then I watched her episode and it let me see what makes her tick. And sorta why she is the way she is. All around it was just interesting to see her side of things and why she pulls away from Emily all the time. Now she's my favourite :)

"Whoa, you're naked bitch!"
-ROLF. Best non-sentimental quote of the episode.


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I've never seen Skins but

I've never seen Skins but I'd like to. I think it only airs in the UK or something though.

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I think so too. So I've been

I think so too. So I've been watching all the 3rd season episodes on Youtube. You should definitely give the show a chance it gets really good.

Thank goodness for Youtube :)

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