Back Soon: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Back Soon" is both the name of the movie as well as the simple text of the note Logan's wife left for him, before she was killed by a drunk driver, the one he keeps in his pocket and kisses when he thinks about her. He decides he needs to sell their house to move on, since this one overflows with memories.

He sells his house to Guillermo, someone with a bad relationship with his girlfriend, who's putting his life back together in a different way.

And such is the dilemma of gay cinema, because you know there are two male leads in a possible embrace on the DVD box, so it becomes more of a question of how or why will something will happen between two seemingly straight guys. But I'm not giving any of that away.

"Back Soon" is actually a decent movie, although some of the side characters are a bit too much. Guillermo's best friend is gay, whom he's known since high school, and he's just a finger-snapping, neck-bobbing cliché. You can't imagine these two would ever really hang out together were they not in a movie. Logan's brother-in-law is the same, only with his complete lack of empathy or connection with someone with whom he shares grief.

But the central story of Logan and Guillermo is compelling enough to get you past these minor distractions. Neither understands the connection that draws them together, but they seem more interested to explore it than push it away, even when it doesn't make sense to them. In fact, the better part of the movie is when it doesn't make sense, but they go for that ride anyway.

"Back Soon" is a film that definitely has interesting things to say, isn't predictable, and earns its wild tangents even if you don't always believe in them. If you have the chance, it's definitely worth a look.