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I'm reading this book that's really good so far, and one of the characters really reminds me of someone from Oasis. It's called "Empress of the World." For some reason...the character, named Battle reminds me so much of Bulldyke (BD) for some reason.
BD...are you cool with that? Have you read that book?
Please PM me if you haven't!


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heh. i stole that book from

heh. i stole that book from my english teacher.
i'm still not sure why a 35 year old MAN would have that in the first place... but..
i love that book! it was the book that pushed me to realize that i liked girls. . . a lot. :]
and i love battle.. :] - there's a sequel to empress, narrated by battle. called rules for hearts.

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mmm...i read it a long, long

mmm...i read it a long, long time ago. my first girlfriend gave it to me. i should go back and reread it, because i don't remember much. just the hair, and being so sad. i don't even remember if the BOOK was sad, or if it was me.

i'll get back to you on being cool with that. :P

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So...have you thought about

So...have you thought about it, BD?...can we chat over PM ...I want to ask you stuff that I don't feel like writing here...