Boystown: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Boystown" is one of those movies that are impossible to resist. It's just a perfect Almodovar-inspired Spanish farce that's delicious from beginning to end.

A real estate agent has a dream to turn a section of town into a perfect gay neighborhood with high-end shops and nice restaurants. The only problem is all of the elderly residents still living in his future gay mecca don't want to sell their apartments to him, so he starts killing them.

Rey and Leo have a fractured relationship with a lot of problems, although at the core they are drawn to each other and there is tenderness and love obviously flowing between them.

When one of the recently-killed elderly residents leaves her apartment to Rey, who always did odd jobs for her, he doesn't sell the flat to the real estate agent/killer, but instead moves his mother, who hates Leo, into the flat. She gets to say the best, nastiest lines in the movie.

Rey becomes a suspect in the murder, since he has motive, and the case is handled by a flighty female detective and her sexually ambiguous son.

The movie is clearly a farce, with a great cast, hilarious dialogue, and brilliant direction. It's certainly not a message movie, and telling you the whole plot above is irrelevant, since the movie exists in the details and execution.

I loved the time I spent in Boystown (original Spanish title: Chuecatown), and recommend everyone visit it as soon as possible.