Bye Oasis.for a while.

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You guys said to tell you when I'm about to go to the hospital.

so thats what i'm doing...I'm seeing my therapist today, asking if I can go as an inpatient to the hospital. Everyone wish me luck, I may not be back here for afew days if I end up going there.

Love you all.

...miss you, Pat.


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good luck eli!

good luck eli!

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will mis u! and tell me if the hospital food tastes bad, cause if it does, i may send some ferrets over ur way to change that, with flamethrowers........

ferrets are love, no way around it!

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IF ANYONE HURTS YOU IN ANY WAY YOU BETTER TELL ME!!!!!! I WILL KICK THEIR ASSES!!!!!!!!! and be safe, okay lil' bro'? ilu. be good and all that jazz.

"One joy shatters a thousand greifs" - - - Chineese Proverb

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It takes more courage to get the help you need than to sit home miserable, so do the right thing.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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Good luck, Eli. Congrats on

Good luck, Eli. Congrats on moving towards getting better.

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Ya all come back now hear!

Take care of your self first, then come back to see us here...Good luck and God bless.

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