Clandestinos: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Clandestinos" is a Spanish film that goes down a different path than a lot of gay films. Three boys break out of juvenile prison and flee to Madrid, where Xabi, the leader of the three, tries to make contact with the leader of a Basque terrorist cell. The other two boys don't know as much about the mission from the start, but one of the boys eventually helps him practice making bombs in an abandoned apartment, with the goal of doing something public and visible to bring the cell leader out of hiding.

To fund his terrorist exploits, Xabi robs johns that pick him up in a shopping mall. One of his johns, from whom he stole money and a gun, is a cop, who doesn't take being robbed easily and tries to track him down.

Once again, the gay angle here isn't pronounced as much as part of the narrative. Xabi will sleep with guys for money, but beyond that we don't see him as being gay-identified.

This movie was interesting to watch, but the motivation for a lot of what's going on isn't really spelled out. On a side note, speaking of spelled out, a lot of the subtitles seem to be missing words and are sometimes misspelled. Of course, the box itself lists the language as Spainish, so go figure.

So, it's interesting trying to figure out what's going on, and what sort of terrorist activity Xabi has planned. The gay sex worker angle is OK, but you'd have to imagine that, as a terrorist, there are easier ways to fund your operations than rolling johns. I wouldn't say to avoid this movie, if you have the chance to see it. But you can certainly miss it and nto be concerned.


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Not an easy movie to

Not an easy movie to understand unless you're from Spain (or very literate in Spain's modern history).

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