Confessions of a Perfectionist [POEM]

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Beating yourself up
Such trivial things
Only so human
Already so much better
Can't settle for less
Any slight fall from your great magnitude
Sends you down
Feeling alone
Finding reason
For perceived failure
Just pure frustration
Festering like a wound
A last seasons apple rotting on a shelf
Although masked
Still there
Like skin picked to the bone
In desperation
Can't let go
Loyal to such sad expectations
Such sad truth
The would-be happiness
Not gained
Not genuine
Only temporary
A sudden rush of self justification
A tiny moment of self approval
And self worth
Fades between a flicker of a fluttering eyelid
And gone
Back to your old imperfect self
Not accepted
Not tolerated
Asking too much
Longing for that moment
A life not appreciated
Lived for the surreal and facetious images
A life searching for happiness
But never at peace
At rest
Or content
With simple truths
There is no joy
Just quick fixes
And pleasures in denial

- Uncertain