coos emek!

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Coos Emek, it means, "your mother's cunt"
i like to combine it with Hara B'zibi and make it Hara B'zibi Emek which means "shit in your mother's cunt".....and just so you know, those swear words are not Hebrew, they're Arabic, see how they talk!?!?!?!?

I'm fully pissed off!! i woke up at 5 30 this morning to go to uni, which i don't even like, for video no less, where i was supposed to present an assignment today but didn't have it so i was all preparing to be yelled at, and academic sketching to which there was also an assignement which i didn't do...the point it i woke up at 5 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i only got to school at 9am!!!! that's how long it takes me to get there in the morning traffic! and at a quarter to nine i get a call saying the lesson has been CANCELLED!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!! so i didn't stay for the second lesson, what the fuck am i gonna do for four hours before it starts huh? fuck all is what, and i don't have a dollar on my ass to spend, so i went home...start the weekend early, fuck it. grandparents pissed off so the house is mine...shame ohad the bastard isn't around to come and fuck me coz that would probably be the only thing that would calm me down. fuck! and i'm sick of ohad too, fuck relationships i'm going back to fucking, sunday if aviv's around im getting me some straight boy's been decided.
i'm also getting a tattoo, today if it all works my way....

it's my fucking life and i'll ruin it however i see fit....tada!
my fucking retard polish friend calls me late last night crying coz she thinks i have HIV....fucking moron...way to make me feel good.
Ohad should be obsessed with me by now, i'm practically every boy's wet dream, fuck that, and fuck him, relationships are too hard, he's too cool for me, i'm gonna reactivate my dating account and find me new fuck buddies.