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screw studying.

you're going to think this is written to cheer you up, or make you feel better, but it's not. it's just the truth.

i love curves. i mean, yeah, sometimes, skinny girls are cute/attractive.

but give me a girl with curves. give me a girl who feels solid in my arms. who's soft and lush and gorgeous.

i hate, i really HATE the modern conception of 'beauty'. i hate how it tells us that we must be skinny and toned to be pretty and sexy. i hate the double standard, because there are plenty of guys who are deemed attractive, successful and otherwise fit to breed, and they're far from even average.

i hate that we have to be constantly thinking about losing weight to feel good about ourselves. i fall into that trap all the time.

but give me a girl with curves. give me plump breasts that fit so satisfyingly in the palms of my hands. give me curved stomachs, and rounded thighs. give me flesh i can get lost in, a soft pillow to lay my weary head.

i love curves. i think they're sexy and gorgeous. my crush on Alex Cabot from SVU is the main exception to that rule, lol.

so, yeah. that's my "i'm not studying like i should be" schpiel of the hour. back to 6th grade math that i've forgotten (who knew i'd acutally have to do long division ever again in my life??)



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my gf's a D. XP -suddently

my gf's a D. XP

-suddently there came a tapping, tapping at my closet door.
Only this and nothing more.

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When you see the Indigo Girls live, I think you'll see a LOT of curvy women. No doubt. No bulimics in that crowd.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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lol, nope, definitely not

lol, nope, definitely not any bulimics there.
curvy girls are absolutely attractive- yum.
I agree.

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You have to do long

You have to do long division? Really? I don't know how to... But I can do roots XD