Decision Time

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So, here's my updated news:
My principal called my house calling me/my parents "on the edge of emergency" (because of my mental state).
I saw my therapist. For the next week, I will see her once a day, every day.
Next Wednesday I will have a 4 hr long or more interview to see if i can do a program. If so, I will stop going to school for a while.
As of now, I shall only be doing half days.

Please write to me!


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Sounds like a plan

Hope you start feeling better soon. *hug*

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Getting away from school

Getting away from school always helps. I hope it all works out. Good luck!

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my school thereepist refused

my school thereepist refused to talk to me cause i am gay

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Sounds like things are

Sounds like things are moving in a better direction (are they?) Or at least there is movement.
*hug* and :-)

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yep, hopefully things are

yep, hopefully things are moving in the right direction.