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My trip went good. It was nice to see all of my old friends. We've all changed soo much.
We went to this like Goodwill/Salvation Army store because the mall there sucks. And I got some shirts from these different schools with like weird last names on them.
I saw C and she gave me one of her volleyball shirts. God it smells soooo good. I love how girls just smell good. Before she gave it to me she was like I don't want it to smell bad so she sprayed some her perfume stuff on it. Mmmm. We flirted a lot too. It was playful but kinda bittersweet.
C is really preppy. She's the main reason that just because someone is preppy that I don't automatically think they're gonna be an asshole. (not that I should anyways but ya...)
C, Kit and I all grew up together. We were all such tomboys as little kids too. Its funny to see how we're all so different now. Kit is kinda like the ghetto white girl that does drugs and will be lucky to graduate. C is the preppy sporty one. And I'm like the inbetween, don't really fit into one group, dyke.

Now I have an entire week minus today to be lazy. Yay! I need to go to the gym. There's only gonna be open gyms a couple times this week. I'm renting Milk tomorrow so my sister and I can watch it. I can't wait! I hope its as good as everyone says it is.


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I'm glad you had a good time

I'm glad you had a good time :)
ohh. goodwill.
good times.
they have some really interesting clothes there. O.o

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Thrift stores are absolutely

Thrift stores are absolutely awesome!