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Don't say you cannot help me. I know this is not a therapy site. Just someone stop me. From planning.


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I won't be on all night, but

I won't be on all night, but if you need someone to talk to, PM and I'm more than happy to listen to whatever you need to say and respond.
Don't hurt yourself, I know everyone's been saying this all day, but causing yourself permanent damage is never a good idea and once you start it's really easy to take it just a little bit farther than you can come back from.
In the short term, I recommend that you turn on your favorite calm music. Taking bathes is always helpful, and you can never take to many.
In the long term, I would recommend a couple of things. One is to find a trusted adult who you can talk to, and the other is to sign up for some sort of martial arts. It might seem silly, but I find that nothing is more relaxing, and nothing distracts you from self-loathing quite like kicking the shit out of a punching bag or flipping someone on their back.
In the meantime, if you need to talk to someone, I'm here to listen.

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Arg. Um. Start a project!

Arg. Um. Start a project! May sound ridiculous, but it can help. If you've got a drop of artsyness in you, start a painting/sculpture/story/piece of music/play, whatever. Hell, clean your room. And you're not allowed to do anything to yourself until you finish it.

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Instead of planning on how

Instead of planning on how to hurt yourself, create a list of things you can do to distract yourself. Go for a bike, run, read, paint, etc. Then do those things.

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Everyone's given some pretty

Everyone's given some pretty good advice... if you get completely involved in something you love, all the bad stuff will melt away. Even staying on Oasis is something that can help. Just hold on and keep yourself safe. Remember, I'm here, and so is everyone else.

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write a story about

write a story about anything.

go for a walk.

clean your room.


watch funny videos..



make a to-do list of things you've always wanted to do.

so for those of you falling in love
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and keep one eye open at night.
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Most important, call the Trevor Project hotline that Pat posted.

And I don't buy into your parents won't let you use the phone, since your parents also wouldn't let you kill yourself. So, between breaking one of those rules, I vote you break the phone rule. If you're allowed to break the suicide rule, then I can't imagine why you're not allowed to break the phone rule.

Otherwise, don't break either rule.

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I always write down

I always write down everything, everything that's bad, then either post it on some strange, strange website that has nothing to do with anything, then delete it the next day, or hand write it, then read it out loud [obviously when nobody's around] and see how that would sound to someone other than you. Even flushing it down the toilet works better than nothing.
These actually sound really stupid, but you never know what works until you try.
Also, Jeff's right, a professional hotline, like the Trevor Project hotline, they are always helpful, even though a lot of people don't believe that.
Good luck.

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