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I went to go get my permit today. It didn't go so well. They refused to change my name on my ID saying they wouldn't put a male name on a female ID. So mom said just change it to male like we want...that didn't go over well. Mom and the lady fought and there was lots of yelling of penis and vagina. We got asked to leave after the wonderful me started crying. So that was the better part of my day.

I got stalked by a teacher who then yelled at me for not being in class when I had a pass so I said so. He then yelled at my teacher for letting me out of class saying I gave him mouth. Yeah, that made my teacher not like him. She knows I am too laid back to say boo to anyone unless they do something which deserves something.

Then the police called me out of math class to talk to me. I had a fight with my boyfriend earlier and he had punched a wall, so I thought it had to do with that (maybe he broke his hand or the wall). It turns out someone had told the police that my friend was being molested. I knew about it and was helping her out trying to get her to tell in a way that would be safe for her. They reamed me out for not just reporting it. They made me give a statement. Mom saw some of the texts that the girl had sent me so now I have to go to the police station to turn those in.

The only upside of today was that my friend has her radio show starting tomorrow and her co-host bailed. Thats mean to say that its a good thing, but she asked me to be her co-host. She says I can play any music I want. On Saturday I get to go to my first trans youth group meeting, I will probably be too nervous to talk to anyone anyway so it won't even matter if I go.


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What state do you live in?

I know that up here in NH, and in MA, you can usually change the sex on your license or permit with a note from a doctor.

But, sometimes people don't know the rules, and sometimes people can be asses either way. So you've got to keep trying. Good luck and all.

Sounds like a lot. Have fun at your trans youth group. :)