for the snowsports people whivh do u do, mainley?

31% (4 votes)
38% (5 votes)
dog sleding
0% (0 votes)
cross cuntry skiing
0% (0 votes)
31% (4 votes)
Total votes: 13


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Are you subliminally trying to get the lesbians to pick skiing?

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I've lived in NH for like, 11 years...

And I've never done any of that.

I lead a sad sad life.

I do like ice-skating though, if that counts for anything.

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.. and snow sports dont mix, if u know wat i mean.were u live by the way?

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I voted ferret just for the

I voted ferret just for the heck of it. Does that make you happy? :)
I've never done snow sports because I don't think I'll be good with sliding down a hill. Or with sliding in general. Although I think if I ever get to arctic places, dog sledding might be fun.

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Snowboarding!! :D and when I

Snowboarding!! :D

and when I was a kid Tobogganing was SOOOO much fun.......actually it still is :D

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id definately do ferrets

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pretty much

SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it. It's one of my best and favorite escapes from life, the universe, and everything. absolutely adore it. wow.

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i snowboard, but i need to start slayinn it on skis again! my friend i used to ride w/ can throw 1080's over 45' gaps and backflips off of cliffs now! fuckn nick has gotten tooo good in montana! haha.

seriously tho, the crew i used to ski and ride w/ have gone off the radar! sooo gnarly!

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I love snoboarding. although i've only gone 3x this season it's awesome. this is only my 2nd year and i've got it down pretty well. besides, i live pretty close to a 'hill' it's not that big nd doesn't have any snow anymore this year, but it's still fun

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