Frolicking in the park

music is life's picture

I went to the movies with Sara and Heather yesterday. It was fun. I drove and they went crazy in the car. They were hanging out the window and we had the radio blasting driving around town at midnight. We took pictures of us and random stuff. We went to the mall and I got two shirts from Pac Sun, I love that store.
We saw Coraline. We were gonna buy tickets to Coraline and sneak into Watchmen but they had workers standing in front of the doors so we couldn't.

Girls in glasses are hot.

Its starting to get warmer and I love it! Sara and I went to the park with her dog after school one day. We went to DQ and I got a Rootbeer float and was halfway done with it and Sara's dog takes off after a leaf and I was holding his leash and it knocks the float out of my hands and I dropped the leash too.

Softball practice starts on Monday. Idk if I'm looking forward to it. Last year I played and I was on JV and Varsity, but didn't really play much varsity. But this year I'm going to varsity cetcher. I'm scared shitless about it. All of the other cetchers on the other teams are like big, strong girls and here I am like 5ft 5 and will get run over.

In other news I'm gonna get my hair cut tomorrow.