Gay girl (hopefully) going to college and What are LGBT college clubs like?

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Next week I have to go to the actual college campus and do an interview with the teacher of the program I want to take and I get to see the classroom and everything. I'm actually pretty excited about everything. lol. I think one of the main reasons I'm so excited is that if I get into the program then I'll be out of the house and I'll get to meet some new people and hopefully make some new friends(Hopefully queer or at least queer friendly). Also, if I get comfortable enough while I'm there hopefully at some point I can go see about the Pride club they have. I'm dying to meet some gay/lesbians that I can maybe talk to and become friends with. Maybe even meet a girl ;) A girl that is cute, charming, smart, funny, and of course is gay :) Man, that would be nice.

And to anyone that's been to college: What are the LGBT clubs usually like? Is it nerve racking to go to one for the first time? I'm not really sure what I want to know about them but any info on them would be very much appreciated :)


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I just go to the uni in my

I just go to the uni in my home city, so I still live at home and such.

But even with my lack of experience, I feel pretty confident that you won't have any problems meeting new queer friendly friends! Once people get out of high school, they're pretty chill. Or at least it's easier to find people that are chill and are more similar to yourself. Queer friends, I donno. Really a hit and miss kinda situation, depending on where you go and and what kind of residency you guys got. But again, if you do find yourself in a situation where you would like to find some queer friends, living in residency, I don't think it'll be too big an issue *knocks on wood!!**.

Gay clubs, are just like any other clubs, cept full of gay people =) Find a few friends and just go for it! If you feel a bit shy, or a bit nervous, it's nothing a few drinks can't solve haha ;D

Usually, clubs have some kind of site. If you haven't already, look up the desired club you want to go to and read up on it. Some (uhm most!) clubs have special nights, ie girls night, boys night, drag night, etc.

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I meant School LGBT clubs.

I meant School LGBT clubs. Like the support type groups. It would take a lot right now for me to even think about going to the clubs you were talking about haha. Although, if I had friends in this city it wouldn't be quite as hard.

I'm also going to the college in my city so I'm still gonna be living at home. But we just moved here a few months ago so I really don't know anyone.

And thanks :) You're keeping me optimistic about meeting new people. One can only hope they are not homophobic losers :P

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