Genetic Impeding Complications

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You know how there are always tons of commercials on TV and signs around for causes to find help and cures for things like cancer, autism, diabetes, etc.? Do you also know how you don't really seem to realize the extremeness of these complications until you or someone you know gets something?
Yeah, you know.

My sis has Celiac Disease. It's a genetic thing that causes you to have an allergic reaction to gluten, which is in wheat, barley, oats, rye, and malt. One of the odd quirks is that each person gets affected differently: my sis feels like she ate shards of glass and gets extreme pain, someone we indirectly know stopped growing, and there are tons of other different possibilities. One of the other shitty things about it is that until it becomes 'active', you don't test positive. It's like a tolerance level, where your body can only take so much gluten until the celiac sets in.

The other really crappy part is that gluten, usually wheat, is in almost every friggin possible product: gravy/chinese food sauces as a thickener, prepackaged shredded cheese is dusted in flour to prevent clumping, certain artificial butter in turkeys and cold cuts, cereals that don't list it in the ingredients but were made in a facility that processes gluten, salad dressing, GOD DAMN FRENCH FRIES. Celiac's can't have french fries at most places because it's cooked in the same fryer as breaded stuff, amazingly though, they can have McDonald's french fries.

So now that my raving tangent is over, Do you have or know anybody with an inhibitation? And if so, tell the story.

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My dad has celiac, and my

My dad has celiac, and my family believes that my sister does. Your sister and mine are both lucky as far as people with celiac go. In recent years gluten-free awareness has risen dramatically and suddenly gluten free products are everywhere.
When my dad was first diagnosed, it wasn't something most people had heard of, and since he was and still is a vegetarian, he couldn't eat out and basically lived off of rice, beans, fish, corn, and veggies...

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my best friend casey has

my best friend casey has tourrett's syndrome. that is hard to explain, but this is easy to understand: if i could i would take it from him, to make life easier on him.

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I have seasonal autoerotic disorder.

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wtf is that? "One joy

wtf is that?

"One joy shatters a thousand greifs" - - - Chineese Proverb

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sounds like...

...the kind of thing Jeff would make up as a joke.

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yeah, same

how narcissistic of you...

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an aunt of mine has celiac. i might have it too.
a cousin has crohne's disease (don't know how to describe it other than it pretty much attacks your intestines and makes them swell and it's INCREDIBLY painful... pictures i've seen are horrible)
a girl i know is autistic
my friend's daughter's friend's sister had downs syndrome (however it's spelled), and so does another friend's cousin.
my grandma had cancer... i think melanoma or something. i really don't have a clue. and a kid in my school had leukemia when we were in middle school.
that's all i can think of for now...

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From what I understand, you'd know if you have celiac.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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we still don't know. i doubt it, but my endocrinologist decided to test anyway. just cause the symptoms are so diverse etc, we just don't want to miss anything... i dunno.

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Not necessarily. If it isn't

Not necessarily. If it isn't active it doesn't show on blood tests. I got tested and it was negative but that doesn't mean that it can pop up later in life.

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I don't worry about things that aren't present yet. Unless it's something preventable, that benefits from that knowledge, it's no way to live.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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I have a risk for

I have a risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, my aunt died of that, but I am fairly lucky. I have managed to only have an auto immune disease, Vitiligo, which is usually okay except last year it spread. first it was just my thigh and shoulder, but not it's on my chest and neck, but that's okay, I just got a new bottle of SPF 60 sunscreen. :)

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that is where your body

that is where your body looses pigment right? one of my relatives has that on her iris in her eyes. my mom told me about it, heard it looks freaky.

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yeah, I've had it since I

yeah, I've had it since I was really little, but I'm Caucasian, so it doesn't look as odd as if I were black. so I have random patches of skin where there is no pigment, which means i can get skin cancer pretty easily. which is why I have on spf 60 sun screen right now.

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My brother is mentally retarded. Literally. He's got a major learning disability. He can't even speak beyond a few words. He can understand more than he can say, but not a whole lot.

I took him around an amusement park once. He loves roller coasters so much. He's like a little kid. A very large, strong, loud, dangerous, little kid.

I love him though, I don't think he recognizes me. :/

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I have a good friend

whose sister is autistic

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my mother used to do respite

my mother used to do respite care for a developmentally disabled adult named Bob, who came to stay with us on the weekends, but its completely different then having then live with you all the time.

my uncle (I live with my aunt and uncle) has MS. its mainly affecting his eye sight right now, but he still can't work, he just does volunteer stuff now. Its hard because it causes a lot of mental stuff, so he's not easy to get along with. he's super sensitive to sound because of it, which sucks because my brother has some hearing problems and talks loudly (but he's also just six, and six year olds are loud anyways)
but at least it hasn't affected him physically besides the eye sight yet, though he has had it for six years or so now.

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My friend is allergic to

My friend is allergic to gluten, and it seriously is in almost everything, even things that probably don't need it but were rolled in flour or something.

I have asthma, technically, but I usually don't get symptoms. It just means I can't join the military.

Gee, I'm so disappointed. (I probably wouldn't be an asset to the military.)

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I have a cousin who's

I have a cousin who's mentally retarded and physically handicapped, she can't really walk without shoes that support her standing up and she only learned to do that when she was seven or so. She can't talk, but she has learned Makaton, which is this very basic sign language thing, and she understands German (her mom's German and she lives in Germany) and some Dutch. She almost continuously makes movements with her hands like she is washing them when she's not trying to say something.

I also have a friend who's blind. And I think I have a sun allergy, but it doesn't really occur that much.

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i didn't really think about

i didn't really think about this forum much, and then last week my cousin was diagnosed with celiac. not a lot of my family members knew what it was, and it made me think of this.
she was in the hospital for a week or two before they figured it out, and when they did, they said she could not have ANYTHING that came in contact with gluten.
so, that was my post for today :)

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Yeah. Sucks, doesn't it?

Yeah. Sucks, doesn't it? :/

My sister would stay up crying all night from the stomach pain before it was diagnosed. My dad sometimes thought she was acting, but she's not the kind of kid to do that.

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Surprisingly enough, I live

Surprisingly enough, I live in a very Celiac-friendly place of the world. It's really, REALLY easy to find Gluten-free products around here. A school friend had Celiac, and even my school's cafeteria has a special 100% Gluten free menu.

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Where do you live? Maybe we

Where do you live? Maybe we should move there........
Living in a sculpted society has led me to become the unstable psychopath that I am today... (umm...) JOY!!!

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One of my friends just found

One of my friends just found out she has this. It was a bit annoying for her at first, but she has adjusted now and it isn't too bad.

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I have a rare one.

I get this bad case of stupids once in a while...does that count????
just some humor!

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Allergies have to be the worst

I have a ton of allergies myself. My throat tends to swell shut when I get in to an allergen. The list is as follows:
*Whey protein, found in cows milk and the meat so I can't have anything that has dairy in it, has come in contact with dairy, and I can't eat steak of anything like that. They put whey protein in EVERYTHING; it's in Pringles for pete's sake! Why would a Pringle need whey protein?!

*Pork, I don't know what about it but it sucks 'cause I LOVE bacon.

*Sunflower and Safflower oil

*Rice of all things but only if it's not been ground in to flour, who knows why.

*Shellfish; this means no crab, lobster, clams, oysters, shrimp, or anything else of the sort

The other stuff-
I'm allergic to pollen, cats, dogs, REALLY allergic to rabbits, and dust mites. It's pretty bad because I have 5 cats, 3 dogs and a rabbit. My house is always dusty no matter how much it's cleaned. And the garden my dad has outside is HUGE and very pollen-y in the spring. These are mostly tolorable though.

That's it allergy wise, at least as of now. There's no telling what else could pop up in later years. It sucks being allergic to so many food products, it makes it so I really can't eat out without a TON of research about the place where I'm gonna be eating and even then it's not really worth all the trouble. I also miss chocolate bars sooo much, I'd eat them constantly before we figured out what I was allergic to that was almost killing me on a regular basis. It bites.

I also have asthma and reactive arthritis. The arthritis is really an auto immune issue and it sucks because whenever my immune system is set off, either by allergies or because I get sick (and one always makes the other worse), my joints will swell. Sometimes it's so bad that I can't even move. Same thing with my asthma, it's set off by getting sick, my allergies, exercise, and stress. If I didn't have a fast metabolism I'd be screwed (and not in a good way). I've got generalized anxiety disorder (basically I worry waaaay too much) so the stress thing can be a bit of a problem if I don't catch it quick and chill myself out. It's a wonder I'm not dead yet.

My sister has a chairi malformation. Most people have never heard of this so I'll explain, Basically there is this thing at the base of your head where your skull connects to your spine; it's made of connective tissue and works like a coffee filter, holding the base of your brain in your head and allowing for a healthy flow of cerebral fluid to flow all about where it needs to. That thing in your chiari. My sister's has a nice big hole in it, hence the malformation part, and this is bad because it makes it so the base of her brain (the part that controls important stuff like heartbeat, breathing, not dying, that sort of thing) is hanging in her neck clogging up the path for the cerebral fluid.

This is bad because 2 things could happen, either by themselves or together. 1) The cerebral fluid could build up and put pressure on her brain causing brain damage. 2) If she were to hit her head or something she could instantly die because the base of her brain could be crushed between her skull and spine. There's not really anything that can be done about it because doctors don't know much about it yet so we pretty much get to just watch it and hope nothing goes wrong. She's also hypoglycemic which is the precursor to diabetes. She just has to watch her sugar intake and such with that one and check her insulin after every meal. She's been pretty lucky with the not dead yet thing as well.

My brother lucked out; so far he's only mildly OCD and dyslexic. Other than that he's perfectly fine.

My cousin however is a bit worse off; He has severe seasonal allergies and has Asperger's Syndrome which is a mild form of autism.

Yep well that’s about it. I probably spelled some stuff wrong, my spelling is atrocious.

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ive got a high risk of

ive got a high risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease/Problems and a multitude of other problems
and a higher an average risk of Breast Cancer

so i exercise regulary and have a healthy diet im trying to lower the odds of these

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies