Grr..I cant remember

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Someone told me the name of something I really want to research....what's it called...something like Gender Z? Anyone know what I'm talking about? It's like a person would be referred to as Z rrather than for "he" or "she"


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I wouldn't hitch my wagon to something that won't change in your lifetime or be acknowledged by nearly everyone.

But, this folly can be further explored here:

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I think I heard something

I think I heard something about that, like a gender-nonconforming pronoun. I'm going to go find the page where I was reading about it... I know when you're reading this you won't know how much time has passed but whatever.
Okay, here's the scoop- you've got "zie" instead of he and she, "hir" instead of him or her, and "hirs" istead of his or hers. :P Hope this helps you!

Also, hello again, Eli. Sorry I'm like never on so I haven't been PMing you or anything... I'm such a cruddy person, I know.
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It's okay. I've missed you,

It's okay. I've missed you, though. But we all get busy. It's all cool, don't worry about it.

I miss being called Eli.

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I think we should go with

I think we should go with Schlee, Schlim or Schler.

For instance, "Here schlee is, schlerself, YIVO!!"

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Yivo? huh? no entiendo...

Yivo? huh? no entiendo...