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i'm going to school with bedhair
i like bedhair, it's sexy
i like sexhair better
but ohad's not doing his job with on that front so there is unfortunately no sexhair to be had here
i want sexhair
i tell my girls, and i try to give them sexhir (which usually involves me giving them a noogie) but they dont' get how wild boys go over sexhair.
with boys it's simple, i give them sex hair the old fashioned way, i have sex with them.
girls are stupid
sexhair and bedhair are awesome, love u'r bed/sexhair, own it!
now i'm late for uni, fuckers! it's u'r fault!
at least i'll look really hot when i get yelled at by that slag hadas...shoulda been called hades, the fugly slut
love you with a beer bottle
nwo where's my pants


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haha, sexhair IS the best!

haha, sexhair IS the best! specially on the one you just gave it to :P

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