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I'm new, but I promise I won't act like a n00b.
I'm a girl, I'm 16, and I have no idea what I am. I used to think I was completely straight. I had about two crushes on guys. Now... I don't know. I made a lot of new friends last year, and they were different from any friends I had ever made. They liked hugging anything that moved, and geeking out over hot anime characters. Some of them are starting to look cuter than guys. I'm kind of disorientated. Help?

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Didn't mean to make it sound so shallow. It's too early in the morning for me to think properly.

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not shallow, my friends do

not shallow, my friends do that too. i just kinda ignore them, cuz they drool over the chicks. i am a gay boy, btw. anyways, if you like girls look into it. if youlike guys cool, iif you like both, . . . then 'you get the best of both wrlds!" sorry about the hannah montanna quote, little sister loves her.

Hey, don't write yourself off yet.
It's only in your head you feel left out or
looked down on.
Just try your best, try everything you can.
And don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away.
It just takes some time, little girl you're

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allow poppet!

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Hey! Welcome to Oasis! In my

Hey! Welcome to Oasis!

In my experience I was pretty much always confused. When I was younger I just assumed I was straight but something didn't feel right. Then when I made this new friend(much like you) she was very into sharing intimate things one of which was that she "used" to be bisexual. That's basically when I started to seriously question my sexuality. I guess because it opened me up to the idea that you could like girls and it was okay. It's weird. It's like her telling me that she used to like girls and she'd kissed them and all that stuff, it kind of hit me over the head and now I haven't looked back since. I've only become more sure of myself.

You didn't say whether or not the "hot anime characters" included girls. But if they do, then maybe it's opening your eyes to see that looking at girls and liking them is fine. Either way your 16 and you've got a lot of time to figure things out and there really isn't a need to rush. Things will become clear eventually.

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first of all, welcome to

first of all, welcome to oasis!! :D

we've got all kinds here....from totally gay/lesbian to totally bi, to so confused they don't know which way is up, so don't worry abou sounding like a n00b....there's just no such thing. we each find our way in our own time.....and i hope we all here can help you figure out who you are. :)

that all being said....labels are overrated. don't worry about em :D if you like girls, you like girls. if you like guys, you like guys. if you like both, you like both, and it's all good.

it's confusing as hell, and yeah, some people are stupid/mean about it, but all that matters is YOU, and what YOU think of yourself.

but don't worry....we'll help you figure everything out, lol. that's what we're here for.

and as JMY is apt to tell you when she gets on, no question is too big or too small to ask. there's almost always SOMEONE who knows the answer, and if we don't, we'll help you figure it out, anyway. it's just a cool place like that.

speaking of JMY, i should do my duty (lol) and tell you about some of the people on here....jeff is the site manager (and resident snob, lol). message or e-mail him with any technical difficulties. pat (patnelsonchilds) is the other adult who's on here regurally....he's a big sweety, and just an all around awesome guy.

adam is the perv (but a really great guy, if you get to know him), and JMY is the...what did she call it? lol, she's the resident super femme :P also my girlfriend, just to avoid confusion, lol.

i'm me (duh), and if you ever want to talk, or have any questions, message me anytime. :) i'm usually pretty good about getting back to people quickly, but even if it takes a few days, i WILL write back. :)

so yeah, welcome to oasis!! :D

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Welcome! :D

Welcome! :D

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Welcome <3

Doesn't matter if you ever "figure it out", just enjoy the moment :D

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Welcome to Oasis :)

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"HALLOOO!" to you too

Oh and you come across as a total n00b.
(I'm sorry, I'm just a sarcastic jerk. Never listen to me.)

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From one newbie to another, I say welcome.

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Halloo, again! (lol)

Halloo, everybody!
Thanks for your adviceishliness. <3
Oh, and I'm pretty sure my friends are straight.