hara b'zibi

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it means "shit in a vagina"....it's it's like...way awesome. the saying, not the notion of shit in a vagina.

i'm HAAAppyyyY.....not because of Ohad, and i didn't fuck anyone (yet), and nope....in fact nothing special happened today at all, i had a boring lesson at uni today, did fuck all...walked to the central bus station from school with a couple of my girlfriends and had a particularly good conversation with one of them about life, the universe and everything, and eh...that's that. i didn't even eat anything special or wear something unusual...just good brain chemicals today...yay!
tommorow promises much of the same actually, except i plan on wearing my arty jacket...whcih is a regular suit jacket in light yellow with green and white checkers....horrible really but that's what makes it so deliciously arty...that and the fact that i stick out like sore thumb in all my hotness when i wear it.
gotta suck up some abuse from one of my lecturers tommorow on account of me being a shitty lazy student (which i give not a flying fuck about and wouldn't trade it for two shits) but other than that it's smoothe sailing into the weekend (israel doesn't work on fridays, we do on sundays though). anyways and doodles...this weekend will be a hard one though...none of my friends have money to go out, i don't either but i usually go out anyway, my friends are nerds and/or pussies with a limp, and i don't have my usual lineup of asses to pirate...and i'm trying to cut down on the alcomahol...so we'll see...it'll be really nice if i get to see mr ohad one time...he can service my need for sex, company and replace alcohol with either food, pot or both....i want sushi. anyways, not building on him coz he's a pricklet who works too hard, so in stead i was thinking of getting a tattoo.

i was to write EROS on my back between my shoulder blades...any thoughts? fucks me where i'll get the money.

did i tell you i'm exhibiting right now? yes! in a trendy little coffee shop, all my less provocative nudes (which means..the female nudes) and a couple of my big paintings...hopefully i'll made a little money or something. oh and the reason my female nudes are less provocative isn't because they're less sexual...in fact i have a tendency to draw open vage in bright red...it's just that people are much more used to seeing the female body in art...it doesn't shock them...it's "aesthetic"...which it is of course, but put a cock in front of them and it's blaspheme...just a tiny little sexist quirk in society that i seem to have clashes with. anyways...
nope that's it for today actually....that and may my sculpture, creative sketching, academic sketching and video art teachers drop dead for their crimes against personality. meow


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for being happy for no reason!


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:D !!! lol i don't really

:D !!! lol i don't really have much to say, but i'm happy for you, so i'm using random symbols!! :P ####$@@ lol

"As my mother always said, there's nothing that says 'stay out of my airspace' quite like a couple of F-18s." ~Rachel Maddow

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meow? you should always say that

ferrets...isn't it about time you and i went into some bushes?? i'll show you some new uses for that flamethrower u'r always carrying around and i'll even show you my own "flamethrower"....it's HOT!