hello world!

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Well, since this is the internet, so of course I am not who I am in real life, HELLO WORLD. I am about to tell everybody stuff that they shouldn't know. And you know why? No one cares! :D

OK, lovely intro, right?

Well Hi everyone, you can refer to me as Mr. Dake Start, that is who I am on the internet.

I am a lesbian living in the "wonderful" little town of Davis, CA. My story starts a couple years back in Junior High (Im now a Junior in HS). I come from a fairly conservative background, which is much different than many of my peers here in little Davis. (this sounds stupid, Im really tired though) When I first realized I was gay, I said, "no, that's for other people". I was wrong... Well, the point is, is that I didn't have a strong support force at home (my parents are only just now used to the idea). This was a source of deep sadness and pain, and I decided (after bla bla bla shit) to turn to my favorite lesbian teacher (whom I will refer to as the frog) for help. Now, the same day I had decided to come out to her, my mother decided to go in and talk to her about my grades or something. The frog told me that she and my mom had a lot of trust built up over the hour they spent together, and shit man, she decided to tell my mom! My parents freaked out and discovered that we had been emailing each other, and somehow came to the conclusion that she had been molesting me, which was SO not the case. I got sent to LA, and was never allowed to speak to her again. Well, at least until I turn eighteen (April 9, 2010). Suckers. More to follow, but very tired now.

The point I am trying to make by saying this is that when you do decide to trust someone, make sure they know your situation and promise to keep it a secret. I guess the sad part about the frog thing was that she was trying to help, but in the process outed me to my parents. Yick.

Wow, I just realized how small this is sounding, but take my word for it, it was (and is) a big part of my life... meh, like I said, who cares, it's the internet.

peace out dudes and dudettes and anyone who feels they do not fit the aforementioned categories.


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Did anything happen to the teacher? Like, they didn't get her fired or anything, did they?

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no, she wasn't fired (thankfully)

but if I have any contact with her she will be in trouble. She told me she's willing to risk it if I want to talk...
good question, I forgot to put that last night.

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you may not have come to the right place. evryone on here will argue all day that they do care. but i hope u stick.

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Hola! Welcome to Oasis!

Hola! Welcome to Oasis!

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Welcome to Oasis! Hope you find it be of some help :)

Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, some punished. Never was a story of more regret than this of Juliet and her fair Juliet.

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that was an excellent allusion, I must exclaim!
R you a shakespeare fan?

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Sorta. I like Romeo And Juliet and Twelfth Night.

Are you a fan?

Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, some punished. Never was a story of more regret than this of Juliet and her fair Juliet.

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Hola! =] Welcomeeee!

Hola! =]