i believe it might've been suicide

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i think that as much as everyone wants to think that there was a killer...
...jenny just offed herself.

i just finished reading the LWord recap on www.thelwordonline.com by: Riese, who i admire for her recaps on each episode altho i have only read 3 recaps lol.
but towards the end it actually makes sense.
like, jenny admitted to kit that she knows that no one wants her around and such and in the end of the tribute tape she's saying thank you and goodbye.
idk dude.
i kinda get the feeling that, yes as much of a suckie ending it was, dear Ilene Chaiken might've had something up her sleeve.
maybe it's just me.
it's late here lol
1:37am to be exact.
but c'mon, maybe she wanted us to think that someone killed her the whole season, when jenny just couldn't handle her friends not wanting her around anymore.
depression dude.
it's a crazy damn thing.

so yeah.
my lil run-on for the day/night.

love ya guys!


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I hope this episode didn't just air, since a lot of people time-shift their viewing these days, so yeah SPOILER ALERT, heh.

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it aired like, three days

it aired like, three days ago...

so for the tivo people it'd be a spoiler, but that's about it..

i was a little confused at first, i was like...why is she being so calm about her friend jenny committing suicide...

and then my brain woke up. :D

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