i had a thought...............

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and no that isnt a rare thing.:). okay so in kindergarten, little girls think little boys are icky, and vica versa. gay people just never out grow these feelings, to a certian degree. like you might like a girl as a friend, but not to do anything like a relashionship with.(if you are a boy). i know this has plenty of loop holes. sorry i post so much.


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I agree completely. prolly

I agree completely. prolly always will. but what if sm1 is bi?

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You know...

That theory would work better if it wasn't that a lot of gay guys got along better with girls than with other guys when they were little. And vice versa for lesbians.

I mean obviously this isn't true for everyone, or even close. But, yeah.

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said there was alot of lope holes! and if you are bi, you get stuck at the third grade level. just starting to like the other sex, but still a little scared of them.