i have a question......

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do u guys get annoyed by all the ferret talk? should i stop it?


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I don't get annoyed. I think

I don't get annoyed. I think it lightens the mood and takes some edge off. Its funny.
Like when you commented on my journal about getting a ferret army together to beat my sister that made laugh cuz I was so mad when I wrote it and then you said that like out of nowhere. So ya. Say what you want you shouldn't have to feel restricted or held back.

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at first...

...right after you joined, it annoyed me, because I thought maybe you were just a joker. Reading your posts, though, I've long since discarded that suspicion — so the ferret talk stopped bothering me. It's just funny, and it's you. And it does lighten the mood.

So no, no need to stop. Just make sure to post about a few other things too, and you should be fine. :-)

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It's your signature and it sets you apart from everybody else. I don't know anyone who's as cookoo for ferrets as you are :)

And I still love that pic of the ferret it's adorable.

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ferret speak is amazing!

ferret speak is amazing! don't stop!

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DONT U DAAAAAAAAARE STOP! so help me if u do i...uhh.......IDK but yeh dont stop k??? Ur cute when ya say it and ur pic is adorable

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AH. no, it's not annoying.

AH. no, it's not annoying. everytime I see your comments they make me laugh when you mention ferrets. it's cuuuute :) as is your icon. I think I should get a ferret :D

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It makes meh giggle.

It makes meh giggle. Hardcore. =D

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No way man

Ferret talk is the best.


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I'll second everyone

else here, its sweet, no need to stop, we understand that is is your way of lightening the mood. Anyway, we know you care in you dignify our information with a mention of your Oh So Amazing Ferrets.

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it is kinda cute in a

it is kinda cute in a kidlike way. you don't have to stop. i feel sorta left out tho, cuz i haz no sinature phraze aside from bad spelling.

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It's awesome.

It's very symbolic. I love it!