I think my sister's gonna be cool with me when I come out

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ME: And I think it would be great if you could own those houses some day. To keep them in the family :):) But I wouldn't say that (Nephew's name) is the end of the family name...not for me anyways.

SISTER: why u gonna keep your name too?

ME: That's my plan

SISTER: good for u ....now you just have to find a husband\wife(just for good measure) that will agree to that

I was laughing my ass off when she said "husband/wife" HAHAHAHA!!!

This was part of my conversation with my oldest sister over Facebook's Instant messenger. It was kind of wEiRd. lol. But nice that she threw in wife just for "good measure" LOL!!!!!

Want some clarification that I'm a Hard core lesbian? Then look no further than what my reaction when she typed:

SISTER: (Oldest Nephew) is all that is left for the (Our Last name) name...(Other sister) will take (sister's fiance) name and when you get married you will take his name.

HIS name???.....WTF? NO!! lol...She said this earlier in the convo. Still, it struck a nerve. It's like that's SO not what's gonna happen. There will be no "HIM" only a "HER" Hehe...Of course she doesn't know that....yet anyways.

But anyways based on the "Husband/wife(for good measure)" comment it's pretty clear she'll be cool with me when(ever) I come out and that's just plain awesome. And it gives me hope and keeps me optimistic about coming out. :)


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Well depends how you have

Well depends how you have responded to the first time she mentioned husband/wife. I mean, she obviously got it out there, but if you didn't make it clear you actually are a lesbian, she might think it's rude to keep using both pronouns in case you weren't gay and got offended. Plus, it'd be really annoying to write both pronouns all the time (especially in just general conversation not to do with relationships, the focus wouldn't be about the pronouns but instead what she's trying to say). Thirdly, she could just be testing the waters with the whole 'taking the husband's name' thing, so the ball's really in your court now. Well, it's out there - looks like she's not making a big deal out of it, which is good (unless you want it to be a big deal). You should be sweet.

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yeah! thats exciting sounds

yeah! thats exciting sounds like she'll be pretty cool with it. good luck :)