Interesting gender and sports issue...

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Tennis insiders are grappling with issues of sexual identity and biology regarding an up-and-coming German star on the international circuit.

Sarah Gronert, 22, was born with both male and female genitalia but underwent surgery to become female both legally and physically. However, some coaches, players, and officials charge that she seems unnaturally strong for a woman and speculate, based on her birth condition, that she may benefit from a higher-than-average distribution of male hormones -- and question whether she should therefore be allowed to compete against women at all.

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Everyone knows that its impossible for a woman to actually be stronger than a man. DUH.

She is a woman so she should be able to play against other women.
This is really interesting and I wonder how its all gonna turn out

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If you cut off an intersex's penis, she's a woman?

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By legal definition, she's

By legal definition, she's female; she has female genitalia and she identifies as being female. What more is there to say? The coaches that are complaining can go suck a fucking chode, cause they're just trying to find a way to DQ her.

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Society doesn't like someone

Society doesn't like someone who doesn't fit perfectly into the gender boxes of male or female. You aren't supposed to be both, switch from one to the other, or be neither. If you try then society freaks out.
Intesexed people usually have some surgeries that aren't explained fully at the time of their birth because the doctors want the baby to fit the box.
Transgender female to males who take hormones can't play on sports teams because they use steroids.
Transgender people on hormones can't give blood and they have to report to many people that they are on that hormone, which sometimes leads to awkward questioning.

But the tennis woman should be allowed to play because she is a woman. They need to get over it. I might be a tad biased though..,