Introducing myself (and ranting a little)

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My name is Emily, and I'm new to this forum (obviously) so I thought that I should introduce myself. I'm 15 and I'm somewhere in the spectrum between bi and lesbian (don't know where but I know I'm there) I stumbled across here about a week ago, due to a string of links, starting from a Google page. I've been reading, a lot, and I decided that I'd like to be a part of this wonderful little cyber family, if you will let me.

Unfortunately, I am not out to many people because in this wonderful dinky town in New York (and my wonderful close minded family) I'd probably get burned at the stake on Main Street for liking girls. I personally have no problem with it, but it took me forever to admit it to myself in the first place, and now I'm fighting with myself about whether I should tell people, and get it over with, or hide who I am, so I can keep on living comfortably (and not get disowned...)

Either way, I'm glad that I found such a wonderful place, and I hope that I'll be able to talk to all of you soon!



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Hellooooo, and welcome to

Hellooooo, and welcome to Oasis! As first-present member of the newly instated Hugs and Flowers Committee, I hereby present you with hugs and flowers and all things gay and wonderful! Heh, but, you'll like it here. Post around some, and this'll become your second home. Send me a PM if y'need anything or wanna chat. And hi!!!

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Hi!! I guess im the second

Hi!! I guess im the second half of the welcome wagon. WELCOME!

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Pronouns make it hard to keep our sexual orientation a secret when our co-workers ask about your weekend.
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Yay, now they don't think you're queer, just a slut!

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I'm 15, my name is the same

I'm 15, my name is the same as yours, we have so much in common, gasp. =D

Well...Heyhey. Everybody lurks around for a while. Welcome-!

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as the second member of the

as the second member of the hearts and flowers committee, welcome! gaynow got the formalities out of the way, so i can say i LOVE your icon!

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As the guy who stumbles

As the guy who stumbles around, I guess hi?

Y'see, I'm not very consistent with the regularity of postings or the reading of journals. And I just tend to pop up randomly.

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:D WELCOME!!! oasis is an


oasis is an AWESOME place, and as the first presenting member of the nuts and bolts committee, WELCOME. lol

(check out the forum hearts and flowers and nuts and bolts and skulls and crossbones if you wnat to know what the hell we're tlaking about :P)

anyway, seems like you've got the site figured out pretty well....and we're all here to help you figure out the MUCH more complicated thing called life. :P

i'm bulldyke, or BD, and if you ever want to talk or have any questions, message me :)

sounds like your town/family kinda sucks (in terms of gayness, anyway), and, well, despite many of us who would love for all oasians to live on our own little island, we don't, but we CAN help you get through it. :D

and yeah, we're all a bit crazy, but we love each other, and crazy is always better than depressed. :)

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Thank you all for welcoming me, and I'm glad I'm already finding things in common with people.
And don't worry, I'm used to crazy.
"When you can't walk you crawl, and when you can't do that you find someone to carry you" ~Firefly

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hello. i am the owner

hello. i am the owner founder and leader of the skulls and crossbones comitee. we give a sarcastic awnser to most everything. you are a girl so i think you are safe from adam, . . . i think. mostly i just get over protective of everyone on this site cuz you are all like my family. heh im like the guard dog!!!!lol

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