Just crap.

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I havent posted like this in a while...just everything feels crap. My timetable at uni has worked out so that I have no classes with this friend of mine...things with him are kind complicated, but only in my head. he's straight, but we're so close we refer to him as my pretend boyfriend. and i kinda like him, but mostly dont. due to the fact i know nothing will work out in that aspect. but im disappointed because he's in the UK for 3 months, so i havent seen him...and its been nearly a week back at uni and i STILL havent seen him. i just keep missing him. we're trying to work out a time to hang out, but it wont be the same. without the constant contact, like in class, it can be hard to stay as close as u used to be with someone....so i dont know what to do.
i miss him too much. and im pissed off about it.

plus all my uni work. i need to cut loose so bad...either take some substance, or get fucked. a few weeks ago, i was trying to cut down the amount of drugs i take...just pot and pills.....but its not working. drugs are good, kids.


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That's sort of how all post-college relationships work out. You have to both make an effort to get together, as you don't have something else forcing you to socialize anymore. So, you've got a head start in having what most relationships in your social life are going to look like soon enough.

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