Keeping You a Secret...

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This was an awesome lesbian love story! It's geared toward teenagers as the main characters are teenagers. It tells the story of a girl who is realizing she is a lesbian and is also falling in love with a new girl at school. A very realistic depiction of a lesbian teenager and the struggles some of us face. A MUST read! 'Twas awesome!

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:D haha, i think pretty

:D haha, i think pretty much every chick on here has read it (including me, of course) :P

but to anyone who hasn't READ IT!!!!!!!!!!

and yeah, it's awesome!!! :D

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ok ok, I'll admit, even I've

ok ok, I'll admit, even I've read it =) I really don't like reading, but I read it and found it quite enjoyable.

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Ive read it, i waited sooo

Ive read it,
i waited sooo long to read it and when i read it i was a little dissapointed,
i enjoyed the story line,
just not the way it was written

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'twas ok. haha. it was alright. i also read geography club and afew others recommended to me by my therapist, but there are some decent ones out there.

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I loved this book! It's the

I loved this book! It's the book that helped me come out to myself. I had wanted to buy it for so long (my local library wouldn't have it cause my town's not exactly open-minded), but I didn't want my family to see

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My books are way

My books are way better.


- Pat Nelson Childs
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Yeah, I couldn't get through

Yeah, I couldn't get through Keeping You a Secret. I didn't like how it was written. Gravel Queen--yes. Empress of the World--yes. Annie on My Mind was pretty good. Even Luna was OK. I'm just not a great fan of Keeping You a Secret.

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My first "gay book" ;)

Yeah, it is really good but I have to admit there are much better books out there.

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I want to read it

and i've been looking for it online so i can download it but i can't find it anywhere!!!!!!

does anyone have an idea of where i can download it please??? i'd really appreciate it!

just message me if you know or if you have a download link

thank youuuuuu i really want to read that book


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Why don't you go to your local library?

I mean, I'm POSITIVE that they'd have it...'s picture

highly doubt it

in south america it's pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to find something like that

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agree agree

I suppose it's a banned book in my country too.

No available in bookstores even if you want it.

Anyone know of any sites ?

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I own it, which obviously

I own it, which obviously means I like it but I know a lot of other lesbians thought it was to over dramatic, personally I thought Julie could have gone more in depth with the relationship towards CeCe and Holland towards the end, discussed their problems more but over all I liked it. I own every one of Julie Ann Peters books and the only ones I don't like to much are Far From Zanadue-probably because of the setting-and Grl2grl because of how frightning some of the storys are, there are a few I can't read, their just to painful.
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I really liked the book,

I really liked the book, although I haven't read it in a while. I found that it was perhaps a generic telling of the story, but I think that was sort of the point in that it could be anyone. It took me forever to find it though, and it was one of the first books that featured lesbian characters in any real way. For that reason I found it relatively easy to look over any shortcomings it might have had.

I couldn't find it at all in any of the places near where I live. I ended up finally getting it on vacation in Maine, which inturn meant that it acted as a shelter from my father and his wife on that vacation. So for whatever reason, this book is very dear to my heart. I would definately recommend reading it, no matter what you end up thinking about it in the end.

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Loved it

I adored this book. I just bought it a few days ago to re-read. It was AWESOME

...and no, they didn't live happily ever after, but they would always remember those kisses as something beautiful

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i read the first chapter online...

which was a stupid thing to do, since now ive had a taste i want to read the entire thing.

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I saw the book online and I was tempted to order it but I didn't have the money. They didn't have it at the book store I looked at either so I'll have to try the library down the road. They might have it. Oh, I also suggest Empress of the World. It was very cute. I liked the story line but the end was a bit meh for me. And has anyone read ummm I'm not sure of the title of the book but its written by Sarah Ryan. Playing with Hearts possibly? Something with hearts. Haha. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about. :p

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The Rules for

The Rules for Hearts



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i just finished it today and i absolutely loved it!
it really inspired me and i'm starting to think about coming out too.

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Amazing book!

I loved this book! It's the book that helped me come out to myself. I had wanted to buy it for so long (my local library wouldn't have it cause my town's not exactly open-minded), but I didn't want my family to see. One day I finally broke down when I was with my sister and bought it. I read it over and over again. So yea... totally loved it! :)

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Who is it by? I would like

Who is it by? I would like to see if the library has it. I loved The Rules of Hearts!!!!! Has anyone read Rainbow Boys?????
Love from

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Keeping You a Secret

Is by Julie Anne Peters. She's written a bunch of LGBT books.

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just finished

I literally just finished that book yesterday. I read it two days. I was really upset that Holland's mom threw her out and they never made up.
I feel bad for her because she has to live in that crap-hole shelter. Guess it's better than nothing, though, huh?
I give it a smiley. ^_^

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Oh lord

this was probably the number-one catalyst that sent me into my questioning phase. one night, I stayed up late reading it, and my mom came in my room and caught me taking down all my Orlando Bloom posters. :P

I adore JAP to no end, have read (almost) all of her books (I just got By The Time You Read This, I Will Be Dead, and I haven't read it yet). I sent her a letter as part of a project in seventh grade, and I got a hand-written-addressed package with a personal letter (not a pre-written form letter) and a signed Advanced Reader's Copy of Between Mom and Jo. I cried the day I got it. :]

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I've read By The Time You

I've read By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead. It's a really good book. I'm not gonna lie though, I cried. It really hit home for me.

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I love

I LOVE this book! Shortly after I read it was when I came out to my mom.
I pretty much love ANY Julie Anne Peters book though. Have any of y'all read Rage??

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Like (clearly) everyone else

Like (clearly) everyone else here, this book means a lot to me. Yeah, I've read better books, better love stories, but this one was still amazing. It was the first lesbian book my mother knowingly bought me (I was at a bookstore with my mom. I told her I wanted to buy it, she raised her eyebrows and bought it for me.)
It's pretty cool that one book can mean so much to so many people within one (virtual) place. That's interesting to ponder.

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