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Is anybody watching Kings on NBC is started tonight. It's based on the book of Kings from the Torah/Old Testament. I was wondering if they were going to include the whole Prince Jonathon possibly being gay thing (King Saul completely bitches him out about a crush on David in the bible but peeps tend to gloss over it) I though that if they did it would be later on in the series but I'm watching the first episode and King Silas has just bitched out his son, Prince Jack, (who doesn't have a crush on David...yet) about how the future king cannot like boys and Jack was trying to be so tough but his eyes were red and it was just so, guh, I'd have felt really bad for him if he hadn't been acting like a petulant child for most of the episode.

I can't wait to see how they play this out in the show.

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... my dad thought it was

... my dad thought it was based on shakespeare.
but it makes perfect sense.
i started watching it at the scene where david brings the bloody clothes out and confronts the tanks with GOLIATH on them.
i was like !!! david & goliath.
& then... the monarch butterflies making a crown on his head.
monarch... monarchy... king?

yeah, soo... i sound like a total nerd right now.
just felt like sharing what i caught from that.

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Yup. David & Goliath. The

Yup. David & Goliath.
The butterflies are how God marks his chosen to be the next king. It's how Saul/Silas new he was chosen when he was chosen. So earlier that day he was told that he'd stopped listening to God so God was going to find someone new to take care of his people and he saw David marked the way he was and was alike O Shit, cause the people love David to much for Silas to get away with killing him...

Hey, no nerdy sound you. ;) I on the other hand am such a church nerd it kind of oozes from my pores, and into the computer...

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