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Hey everbody. Ferrets isnt going to be on for some time. He broke is hand and the doctor said he is not allowed to type of do much. He decided to climb a tree and he fell from 20 feet in the air. I know right its a big fall! Anyways yes. His mother emailed me and it was kinda awkward but Matt is fine and will be back....i dont know when lol. Yeah so he asked me to post this and well here ya go! Oh he also has a cracked rib but hes alive :) So yeah.....bye bye


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That's too bad, glad he's alright, though.

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Ouch! wait his mom e-mailed

Ouch! wait his mom e-mailed you? That is kinda awkward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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It was!! Shes homophobic i

It was!! Shes homophobic i think! And shes polite. And she knows my name im like O_O WHO THE HELL R U AND HOW DO U KNOW ME?!?!?! But i learned Ferrets talks about me alot so....yeah tee hee!
-Life....So complicated ya know?

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Thanks for passing the news

Thanks for passing the news along, sweetie. If you should be in touch with him or his mom again, please pass on our love and wishes for a fast recovery. He will definitely be missed while he's away.


- Pat Nelson Childs
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Of course i will :) Yeah i

Of course i will :) Yeah i told his mom that i wish he gets well....I didnt mention u guys cuz well..i dont think she knows hes gay and yeah..i dont wanna mess up anything.
-Life....So complicated ya know?