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people...i promise i will responde to various comments and pms in the extremely near future but first...RED FUCKING ALARM!!!!
so we all know i'm a bit of a whore....but tonight was something different, i went on date two with amit...he bores me, it's official...
so on the way home i called up a new guy i had only just met, he's name is ohad, and saw if he was into meeting up. he was...we went out and i had a second dinner with him then came back to my place. people...firework chemistry between us...unlike any of the other guys i've tried dating and/or fucking in recent months...more than any guy since...david. this one's an ex fatty like moi....and he's a music in catering, tripolitan but has very light skind and green eyes...with jet black hair...very very sexy. he's by far the most handsome boy i've been with, even more than the straight boy.
and here's the strangest thing by me....he's younger than me...he's the first younger person i've ever gone out with lol....he's 18...turning 19 very soon.
and well...though i planned on doing nothing with anyone today...i brought him home and we made was....fucking...wonderful. please note...i said we made love...not fucked....big difference. and nothing kinky...just pure...simple...beautiful sex. he's a great kisser and he's incredibly funny. also he gave me my first taste of pot didn't mix too well with my cold though...tickled my throat like a mother fucker.
now i have an hour and a half to sleep...but i don't think i will....i'm still fully dressed and my room looks literally like a bomb went off..ok ok ok
im gonna tidy up and maybe find a half hour or so in which to sleep...dear god...if ohad doesn't call tommorow i'll have a fucking hissy fit.


Siovampire's picture least you have a least you have a connection with this bloke, ya know? and if you really like him..which it sounds like you do..then...keep it going :) I'm glad you found someone who's worth "making love" to...hehe
good luck adam!!!!!

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Well...Its nice to see u

Well...Its nice to see u found someone yuo really care about....Im happy for you :)

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I'm happy for you too, go

I'm happy for you too, go you!!
this made me smile a lot :)

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All the boys you meet have

All the boys you meet have such beautiful names...

Ohad and Adam... hehe I like the sound of that.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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music genius... nice. Light

music genius... nice.
Light skin, black hair, green eyes... maybe he's actually Harry Potter.
Wow, I just exposed myself as a major nerd.

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he sounds GORGEOUS. and

he sounds GORGEOUS. and you sound incredibly happy, which makes ME happy.


"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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Best of luck, sweetheart.

Best of luck, sweetheart. Just remember...ALL relationships take work at various points. If you really love someone though, the work is worth the reward. :)



- Pat Nelson Childs
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