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word of the day: MORK

(free to interpretation, pat invented the word)
used in an adam sentence: i'm gonna mork you up the ass with a spoon
other people can use it however they like.

you people are in trouble, coz when i have a real crush, i'm a 13 year old girl, in a pink dress, on her white fluffy bed, on the phone, curling her blonde hair with her finger, with a teddybear on her lap.

OHAD!!!!! I WANT OHAD! NOW!!!!!! i wish i knew how to upload pictures, i really want to show you a picture of him, he's so beautiful. such a shit that he works until really late tonight....and that i have school tommorow. i just want his body on mine, naked, under a blanket, kissing, sextiming and going to sleep then getting dressed for work/uni in the morning.

i have to fight myself not to text him and let him in on how much i want him, which i'm determined to least...nope i wont text him at all actually....he'll get in touch with me just as soon as he misses my hugs...i very much do hope.
grrrrr the only annoying thing is that now i can't have sex whenever i want.....and i'm HORNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEEED SEX!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!! OHAD COME BACK QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Erm....Have a nice time

Erm....Have a nice time alone...all horny...heheheh I bet thats funny to watch...Anyways. Im Glad that u and Ohad are together and u like him so much :D Congrats Adam

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Uploading pictures? All you

Uploading pictures? All you have to do is go to image hosting service. Like Fb, Myspace, tinypic, photobucket, flickr, etc.

Tinypic is the easiest, by far. It requires no registration and keeps the picture's resolution intact.
On the front page, locate and select the file via browse. Then upload.
After the upload, copy and paste the directlink for layouts address.

I wanna see this boy.

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:D you're SO cute!!!!

:D you're SO cute!!!! :D

"As my mother always said, there's nothing that says 'stay out of my airspace' quite like a couple of F-18s." ~Rachel Maddow

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tehe, i'm somewhat technologically challenged so pat's helping me get a picture of him for you! heeeh *thinks of ohad and heart flutters*

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you're worse than me, this

you're worse than me, this is unbelievable! It's horrible when I get a crush (though it usually only lasts for an hour or so, sometimes a day), I can't pay attention, I get all jittery and excited and the crush is the only thing I'm able to talk about.

But then, after that crush-phase, I become realistic and I'm usually like "FUCK! He lives all the way in Rutland? In Orange? In Windham? FUCK MY LIFE!" or I'm like, "SHITFUCKDAMN, he's a heterosexual...". And the crush gradually fades away...

How you're acting is fuckingggg cute! XD

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tehe!!!! i can't help it!!!!! i may have fucked half the country but i've not felt like this in AAAAGGGGESSSSSS!!!!

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Im so happy for u Adam!