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It's worse today.
I think i've lost Ohad, he wrote on his facebook status "but why now?? i had a feeling"..which means....i guess that he no longer has that feeling, that something has happened...that i missed something. i can't text or call him, i deleted him for that specific i emailed him...asking him what's going on. why should it end? what's the purpose in it, what creation can come out of this destruction? who is it exactly that's playing with me in such a cruel way? is it God? if so it's time he gave me a break. I can't do this anymore...I love Ohad, I Love Him, and it gives what? it just breaks my heart again, all over again


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Take a deep breath. Okay.

Take a deep breath.

Okay. Don't freak out, just breathe.

Wait until you can talk to him. I won't tell you that everything will be alright afterward because I don't know, but try to calm yourself down so that you're in an okay place when you figure this out with him.

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calm down dude...

i may be drunk and it may be st patties day, but for you to go thru this again sucks. im sorry man, i think it'll turn out alright. ohad jsut isnt sure waht he wants, you know? hope u feel better adam.


Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I love you Adam, but to be

I love you Adam, but to be honest, this doesn't really sound like it has anything to do with you. I could be wrong, but I think that it's one of those status' that doesn't really mean much in the long run.